Our Brownies Love Badges!!

As a Brownie there are lots of interest badges you can work towards. We sometimes work on one together as a unit or in our sixes but you are also allowed to work on them individually at home. Popular badges done in Brownies' own time lately have included the Toymaker & Artist badges as well as more adventurous ones like Swimmer and Rider.

Every Brownie at Coaley gets a badge book when they make their Promise and all the syllabuses can be found in there. They are also available on the Brownies national website.

As our Brownies do some of these badges we thought we would post here any hints and tips to help other Brownies complete them too.

Artist Badge
This link takes you to a Colour Wheel which you can use to show your knowledge of the Primary and Secondary colours. Have fun mixing the paint and colouring in each section.
Colour Wheel PDF

Swimmer and Swimmer Advanced Badges
If you take lessons at Dursley Swimming Pool and have passed some of the AGA swimming certifiates then you might have done your swimming badges without even realising!
  • If you have the AGA level 3 certificate then you have passed your swimming badge
  • If you have AGA level 4 certificate then you have passed your Swimmer Advanced badge
Bring your certificate(s) in to show Brown Owl to get your badge(s)

If you've done a badge recently and have any hints, tips or useful websites you'd like to share with the other Brownies then please email Brown Owl and we can add them here. Or if you have a picture of you completing a badge at home then email it to Brown Owl.

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