Pack Holiday 2013 - Blackmore, Malvern

In the May half term we joined forces with 1st Cam Brownies again for our annual Pack Holiday. We stayed at the Worcestershire Guiding Site, Blackmore, near Malvern for five days. The theme for the week was Peter Pan and the girls worked hard to earn their Brownie Holiday or Brownie Holiday Advanced badge and their Brownie Skills badge.

The weather was glorious so we abandoned most of our plans in favour of playing on the playground equipment, getting the parachute out or having a water fight!! We went swimming at the local pool which had a wave machine and flume and we managed to do our crafty activities on the last day when it rained.

Getting to know Blackmore wide game

Enjoying the playground

Parachute Games


Getting ready to be Cooks

Cleaning the toilets as Orderlies

Sweeping up as Hostesses


Lunch & washing up Al fresco!!

Crazy Shenanigans!!

It was so hot we just had to have a water fight to cool off!!!
The Pirates Six kidnapped Wendy as part of their Secret Six Challenge

French Cricket

Crafty activities
Making Bow & Arrow Target biscuits; What started as a simple food craft soon turned into an icing powder party!!

Making Tinkerbell Charms

 Making Six related headdresses/head bands

Lucy celebrates her Birthday with us

And finally, Satin makes her Brownie Promise

What the Brownies didn't see!!! Leaders can have fun too.

How old do you have to be before you have to stop playing on the swings??
Mr Smee finds out the hard way... ... what goes up ... ... must come down!!!
 'We are the Redmen' around the campfire!!!

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