Spring  Term 2013

For the first half of this term, those going on Pack Holiday have been focusing on the preparations for that whilst the rest of the two units (1st Cam & 1st Coaley) have been having fun with other ideas. These plans have been drawn up by the Leaders of 1st Cam whilst our Brown Owl concentrates on the Pack Holiday girls.
For the second half of term we are focusing on our Agility badge, hopefully taking advantage of the good summery weather!!

15th July - Cattle Country with lots of Promise making

8th July - Coaley Open Garden Competition & Parachute Games

1st July - Complete Agility Badge

24th June - Food Night (Armpit fudge & Ice Cream in a bag)

17th June - Natural Collages

<-- Flying Emily out

10th June - Agility Badge, Aerobics

V Promise on a swing <-- Gardener's badge

3rd June - Starting the Agility Badge

20th May - Playing in the Park & Malteser Night

13th May - Making Games

22nd April - Blindfold Sarnie Making & Pack Holiday Prep

15th April - Making Butterfly Feeders & Pack Holiday Prep

8th April - Games Night
Brown Owl forgot the camera!!

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