Volunteering in Guiding

The Guiding organisation is run completely by volunteers who give their time freely, and often by the bucket load, so that the girls who attend the meetings, events, holidays and camps enjoy themselves and get the most out of it. Although in Coaley we are thoroughly blessed to have so many adults and young women who offer their help weekly there are other units in the Dursley District and indeed across the country who are in need of volunteers.

There are many ways you can help, it doesn't mean becoming a Leader, or even committing to a weekly meeting. Below are a list of just some of the possibilities. Please do take a look if you think you might be able to help. If you have some other skill you might be able to contribute to a unit, District, Division or even the County level Guiding then please send us an enquiry. If you are not in Dursley District then I will put you in touch with someone local to you.

Thank you for taking the time to look.
Coaley Brownies

Unit Leader Every Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section unit has at least one qualified Leader. The Leader has overall responsibility for the unit. The unit Leader is usually supported by Assistant Leaders.(Aged 18-65, Female)
Assistant Leader An Assistant Leader shares the responsibilities of the Unit Leader and helps to run the weekly meetings. (Aged 18-65, Female)
Young Leader Young Leaders help younger girls enjoy the challenges of guiding. (Aged 14-18, Female)
Unit Helper Helpers are vital to guiding. Girlguiding has recommended ratios of adults to children, dependent on the age group, so it is vital that units have committed helpers. (Aged 18-65, Male or Female)
Camp/Pack Holiday/Outing Helper Whether it's a trip to a show, a guiding event or a camp for several days, your assistance could be invaluable. (Aged 18+, Male or Female)
Occasional Helper Handy with a hacksaw, able to drive a minibus? (Aged 18+ for maintenance and 21+ for driver, Male or Female)
Unit/District Administrator Administrators may also be involved in interesting projects within the unit or local area. (Aged 18+, Male or Female)
Unit/District Gift Aid Coordinator Perhaps you have a head for figures and could help to do this once a year. (Aged 18+, Male or Female)
Commissioners Commissioners work with adults, supporting the Leaders at a local level. (Aged 18-65, Female)
District Secretary All Districts have a Commissioner and hold meetings, so a wide range of secretarial support is often welcome at this level. (Aged 18+, Male or Female)
Unit/District Treasurer If you're happy working with figures, you could play a vital role in helping the Unit Leader or District with the accounts. (Aged 18+, Male or Female)

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